Take Action

Vote Hemp is a great resource to lead you through the channels to automatically and directly send letters to your representatives. Show your support for industrial hemp! Click on our founding hemp farmers’ picture below for Vote Hemp’s Take Action page.

BUT there are many ways you could take action. What is going on in your city or state right now?

For us, we’re located in West Virginia. As a state, we’re hundreds of millions in debt, polluting our rivers, we rank as one of the top five in obesity, bottom five in education, and we’ve been labeled with a drug epidemic. This doesn’t sum up all of West Virginia’s problems, but let’s talk about innovative solutions.

Industrial hemp could provide the agronomic growth not only West Virginia’s economy needs, but it could benefit the health and wellness of society while combating the challenges listed above (i.e. with advanced manufacturing jobs, research and education, farming jobs, locally sourced nutrition, and locally sourced medicine). So, what can you do in your city?