About Hemp

Cannabis Sativa L is the overall genus, and the overall controversy in terms of utilizing this plant’s amazing properties. The controversy arises from industrial hemp being mistaken for it’s cousin species – the dope kind, and not the rope kind! Industrial hemp is grown for it’s seed, oil, and fiber, and has been farmed thousands of years for these purposes.

In the United States, lack of public education and political empathy lead industrial hemp to be grouped in with the entire genus of plant as a controlled substance. In 2014 the gates opened in terms of research and marketing within the United States, and pilot programs have flourished uphill ever since. America is one of the world’s largest consumers of hemp products, but remains one of the lowest producers.

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To learn more about industrial hemp and its potential, Hemp Bound by Doug Fine is a great book and resource! If you would like us to use your website as a source of information, please Contact Us.